I think it’s time for a new introduction. To anyone who used to follow my journey on my last blog, which I started back in January of 2012, Hello again. Welcome to this new space, and thank you for following me. Back then my inspiration to write came from food bloggers ((I became obsessed)) and I ended up writing down a few of my own recipes.

Now, my inspiration is starting to come from somewhere else:


Over the last few years, but especially within the last few months, I can finally say that I’m starting to feel proud of who I am. I’ve literally climbed mountains, faced lots of fears, smiled a lot more on my own and made myself feel proud. And my plan is to continue from here. How am I going to do that?? I’m going to..


I am going to stop living in the past, stop just waiting and only looking forward to things that aren’t happening right nowstop feeling sorry for myself, and START living. Life is going by. Time is not going to slow down or stop, for anyone!! So why dwell?? What’s the point in doing ANYTHING but focus on each and every moment as we live it?? Everything else, after all, is completely out of our control.

We can’t change the past, we can’t even change the future. Because it doesn’t exist yet :). What we can do is make sure that THIS moment is good, that we focus on what we can control.


Over the last 96 days so far, I have done things I never even thought I had the capacity to do!! I’ve met some incredible people, let go of some toxic people ((and that’s OK!!)), learned so much about my self, and I’ve made some genuine friends. Sure, it’s all been scary as heck and every day has come with new challenges, but if I hadn’t been through them, I’d still be in exactly the same place I was in before. Not moving. Not daring to act on my feelings or thoughts. Allowing my “anxiety” to continue controlling me. But I’m refusing to let that be, anymore.

Over the following weeks and months ((maybe even years)), I am going to keep writing, about my adventures, struggles and daily life, thousands of miles away from home, and then my stories and new adventures of when I am BACK home. I really hope you’ll join me on this wonderful journey called life.

So here is my new introduction:

Hello. I’m Jade. And I am taking control of my life. Because nobody else can or is ever going to. This is MY life and I am HAPPY to have it. Lovely to meet you. And you are??..